KFAI’s Bonjour Minnesota Interview with M. Gasho

M. Gasho, 4th grade teacher, participated with Mme Khazem on last night’s episode of Bonjour Minnesota on KFAI radio. They shared about the Theater Residencies at LNFI this year.

You can hear their piece by going to https://www.kfai.org/playlists/. You will find ‘Bonjour Minnesota’ in the list of programs. Click on “Listen to the latest episode” or “Program Archives” to find the Tuesday, February 18, episode. You can go ahead to the 3:00 (minute) mark to hear the introduction, then again to the 14:00 (minute) mark to hear M. Gasho and Mme Khazem talk about the experience.

If you want to listen to KFAI’s Bonjour Minnesota, tune in on Tuesday evenings, from 8-10 pm, at 90.3 FM or 106.7 FM.