Intern Program

Intern Program Overview

The Intern Program brings native French-speaking young people to work at L’Etoile du Nord French Immersion (LNFI).  The LNFI PTO fully funds the intern program and provides the interns housing with LNFI families. The amount of PTO funding and the number of host families recruited determine the number of interns the LNFI PTO can bring to LNFI each school year. It costs approximately $6,500 per intern for the school year. Every school year we typically host between six and ten interns; each one usually works with two different teachers. Interns are between 21 and 28 years old, come from French-speaking countries and are pursuing a career in education.

Having interns at LNFI reduces the student-to-teacher ratio, permits our students to hear native French spoken daily and fosters a cultural exchange. This program is one of the things that makes LNFI unique!

Please consider hosting an intern! The program cannot exist without host families. It’s a wonderful experience for the entire family. LNFI families enjoy having a young adult from another country share their culture and language. In turn, interns have a home base in St. Paul from which to experience how we live and enjoy our unique environment. For those who are able to host, the payback is priceless!

All host families host an intern for half the school year, between mid-August and mid-January or between mid-January and mid-June. Minimum requirements to host include providing an intern with a private bedroom and transporting them to and from school (most interns ride the school bus). To learn more, please review the hosting FAQs, or contact

Families interested in hosting should fill out a host family application. (Interested families who have previously hosted and already have an application on file can just email

Due to pandemic restrictions LNFI will not host interns for the Fall of 2021. In the 2019-2020 school year, we had three interns at Lower Campus and four interns at Upper Campus. At the Lower Campus, Mlle Chloé Trouche worked with Mmes Rddad and Ananou, Mlle Fanny Murer worked with Mmes Harberts and Divard, and Mlle Bambou Touzé worked with Mmes Handley and Stephenson.

At the Upper Campus, Mlle Camille Boscher worked with Mmes Dubaille and Swann, M. Clément Ramognino worked with M. Mang and Mme Vang, Mlle Justine Monféfoul worked with Mmes Tavernier and Tran, and Mlle Justine Segard is with Mmes Scholl and Klein. To learn more about the interns, please read their bios.