Intern Testimonials

The last few months were so fun and quite special! Being in Minnesota is fun and discovering new cities as well. I’ve been able to experience a lot of (new) things !

The teaching experience is also so nice with a lot of fun moments with the kids. They are all interested in French language but also French culture and we have been able to discuss and discover the different cultures that we can find in the classroom ! Being with open-minded kids is so nice and makes us able to try new strategies and try our best to help them and teach them new things. LNFI is quite special with different events that make the experience even more enriching ! After a few months working with the kids, it’s really touching to see their progress with their language skills and their behavior.

Minnesota is cold in winter (that’s not a surprise) but Minnesota is nice ! Thanks to this white winter, I’ve tried (for the first time) cross country skiing ! Having snow during Christmas was also so nice (very magical !!!). Discovering Saint Paul and Minneapolis was really fun as well and I now have so many pictures of  Minneapolis from the Stone Bridge. I really recommend this bridge if you want a nice view of Minneapolis, have a walk around the University of Minnesota and attend sports events !

Friendships with the other interns are also one of the best parts of this experience. We have opportunities to spend time and travel together !





My name is Aurore-Marie and I am an intern in second grade and kindergarten at LNFI! In my classes, I help with writing, mathematics and grammar, all in French, of course! We also work on art projects and I get to share with them French culture from France but also from Réunion Island where I’m from. I also learn a lot about American culture through the kids. As French people, living in Minnesota means many culture shocks but we have our host families to help us navigate through it. Even though we are still trying to survive the cold! Being an intern is a great opportunity to learn and discover so many new things, it’s a great adventure!






My name is Marion, I am an intern in 1st and 3rd/4th grade. Coming to the US was like a dream! I met so many nice people, open-minded and welcoming; and experienced so much new amazing things!

Teaching in the US is completely different from France, and that’s what I loved most! Here, students are at the center of a positive teaching way, no one is left behind and the immersion really helps the students to develop even more skills!

Being in host families is close to being in your “real” family! I have found a new family, one that make me feel like at home even if 10,000 miles divides me from France! They are of great support, always there for me; they made me discover the US and introduced me to new people!

Merci L’Etoile du Nord!