Meet our Interns

Lower Campus

Mlle Chloé Trouche

My name is Chloé Trouche and I’m 21 years old. I’m French and I live in Ussel! It’s a little cute city in Corrèze close to Clermont Ferrand and Limoges. I have one older sister whom I am close to even if she lives in Paris. This year I finished my third year in College and after the internship I would like to integrate a master degree in education in France to become French teacher! I always wanted to work with children, that’s why I try to spend a lot of my time in summer camp or in associations. I really believe in the education power to improve the future. That’s for that reason that I’m so happy to join L’Etoile du Nord: to share many moments with all of you and to gain in experience! A few words about me: I love travelling, reading, listening music, going out with friends, cooking, going to cinema. And I also like to go swimming, and my favorite hobby is snowboarding! Chloé’s classroom assignment is with Mmes Rddad and Ananou.

Mlle Fanny Murer

Bonjour à tous, my name is Fanny Murer, I’m 25 and I come from Mulhouse, a city in the East of France next to the German and the Swiss Border. I’m really excited about this position at l’Etoile du Nord and I’m looking forward to experience a new life in St. Paul! I have a Bachelor in Education and I lived in Lyon for two years where I finished a Master’s degree in Elementary Education. In addition to my studies, I was working as a senior advisor assistant in a high school. I also spent a year as an Au pair in New Jersey in 2015 and a month as an Elementary school teacher in Illinois in 2018 – they were both great experiences living the American life, that I’ll always remember of! Back in France after my year as an intern I want to take the national test to become an Elementary school teacher and start my career. I can’t wait to meet the LNFI students to share the French culture with them and also the staff of the school to learn about new classroom practices that I will use with my future students. Fanny’s classroom assignment is with Mmes Harberts and Rivard.

Mlle Bambou Touzé

Hi! My name is Bambou Touzé, I am 21 years old. I live in Normandie, right next to the Mont-Saint-Michel. I live there with my mother and my three rescue cats. I have an older brother who is a research assistant in Quebec city. I am quite a good cook and I love to prepare big meals for my family. I also enjoy every activity related to the sea: scuba diving, surfing, sailing, etc. I just completed a double degree, majoring in French language and literature, and minoring in communication and journalism, at the Catholic Institute of Rennes, Brittany. Next year, if everything goes smoothly, I am planning to do a MEEF master, a degree that prepares future teachers. Indeed, I got the chance to enjoy my school years and to spend it in the best conditions possible thanks to passionate and considerate teachers. This made me want to give back everything they taught me with the same enthusiasm and to become a teacher myself. At L’Etoile du Nord, I hope to discover a new school system, with different ways to study and to teach. Bambou’s classroom assignment is with Mmes Handley and Stephenson.

Upper Campus

Mlle Justine Segard

My name is Justine Segard and I am 21 years old. I come from Strasbourg, a very beautiful city by the border with Germany. I have lived there my whole life and love it very dearly. After high school, I studied for two years in “classe préparatoire” before going to college where I got a Bachelor’s degree in English. To me, this internship at L’Etoile du Nord is an amazing learning opportunity as it is an introduction to teaching, which is a unique profession as it also involves having a good relationship with the students, but also a way to discover a different country, with its own history and traditions. This will be my first time in the United States! I love traveling and have actually volunteered in a couple hostels this year in Ireland and Portugal. My hobbies also include sports (more precisely swimming and scuba-diving), reading and going to the cinema or concerts. Justine’s classroom assignment is with Mmes Scholl & Klein.

Mlle Camille Boscher

My name is Camille Boscher, and although I was born in the north of France, I was raised in the south west where my heart lies. I love in the countryside near Bordeaux, a beautiful city that I would recommend everyone to visit! I am also a huge nature lover, I love to wander in green and pleasant spaces. I would describe myself as a social, lively person and I love sharing with kids. I love music, I have been singing since as long as I can remember and I can play the piano and guitar a bit. As for my studies, after three years of preparatory school for the French Grandes Écoles, I eventually turned to and English Master’s Degree that I will continue after my year at l’Étoile du Nord. I am passionate about American culture and I applied to this program to discover it fully through this year in immersion but also to bring insights and knowledge on my country and its beautiful culture. The twin cities seem to be a very agreeable place to live and I look forward to meet the children, teachers, families and all the other encounters that this adventure will bring. Camille’s classroom assignment is with Mmes Dubaille and Swann.

Mlle Justine Monféfoul

My name is Justine Monféfoul. I am a French girl of 21 years old. I live in Nanterre, a city near Paris (10 min, in subway) but I spent my childhood in countryside, in the Southwest of France, in Dordogne. I am only child but I enjoy life in community ! I just got my bachelor this year. I studied history at Pantheon Sorbonne University in Paris. I applied to this program because I’d like to become a history teacher. Being an assistant at L’Etoile du Nord gives me the opportunity to discover the US educational system and to learn different methods of pedagogy. It is also a way to discover the US culture (because I have never been to the US before) and of course to improve my English! I am fond of cinema. I enjoy reading and be informed about current events. I often go to exhibitions and performances. I draw a bit and I like manual works. I also like hiking and racket sports. I’m really excited to meet you all! Justine’s classroom assignment is with Mmes Tavernier and Tran

M. Clément Ramognino

My name is Clément Ramognino and I’m 21 years old. I live in a small town near Toulon in the South-East of France, one of the most beautiful region!  I am born in Tahiti (French Polynesia), a little paradise, and left the island with my parents, my new-born sister and my dog when I was 3. I’m French with Polish origins by my mother and Italian origins by my father. In June of this year, I got a Bachelor degree in English language, literature and civilization with the aim of becoming an English teacher in secondary school.  Becoming a teacher turned out to be an obvious choice since I grew up with many little cousins and my little sister, always being the taller and then taking care of them. What’s more, I still thought the education was part of an important phase in the child’s construction. I am very proud and glad to take part in this project, first because the American educational system is one of the best by providing very great support for students. Then, by becoming a member of L’Etoile Du Nord, it is also a very good opportunity for me to improve my English and learn from this educational system in which I will be pleased to work as well as bringing my culture and my help to the kids. Lastly, a few words about me. I am a positive as well as a calm person, being patient but also dynamic in what I do. I genuinely like to encourage the pupils at any time in order to show that there is always someone to support them and not to be disheartened or bored with the educational system. I am fond of travelling, discovering new places, new cultures and obviously meeting new people. Another hobby for me is sports, especially rugby that I like to practice and watch on TV. Eventually, I also like to go out with friends and family to do any type of activities whether it is indoor or outdoor. Clément’s classroom assignment is with M. Mang and Mme Vang.