The PTO’s budget is set every year in May for the following school year. As outlined in the table, the approved budget for the 2018-2019 school year is $59,000. The budget amounts change periodically depending on things like additional school needs, the amount of funds raised, and the final number of interns.

This money will be spent on the following initiatives:

  • Social Events: The PTO organizes fun events including the Family Service Fair, a family dance, and Grandparent/VIP Day.
  • Intern Program: This program brings native French-speaking teachers-in-training to work at LNFI. Interns reduce the teacher-to-student ratio and increase students’ exposure to francophone culture and native French accents.
  • Grant Program and Other Enrichment programs: The PTO funds a competitive grant program for teacher and parent-proposed projects that benefit LNFI students. Enrichment includes programs like the MIA Art Adventure and financial support for classroom materials.
  • Raising Awareness: The PTO, in cooperation with the school, works to raise awareness of LNFI through a variety of means including underwriting, advertising, and promotional materials.
  • Principal’s Fund: This provides the principal with discretionary funds to be used for items not paid for by the school district.
  • Teacher Appreciation meals: The PTO provides two teacher appreciation meals, one in the fall and one in the spring.
  • Administration: This includes the costs of issuing checks, balancing the finances, website incidentals, copy paper for PTO flyers, and childcare at PTO meetings.

PTO Committees

Social Committee

Do you consider yourself a social butterfly?  Does it warm your heart to host events that help people get to know one another?  If so, this is the committee for you!  This committee has traditionally been involved with events for the LNFI community as a way to introduce new and old families and create a sense of community within the school.  Events the Social Committee coordinates include:

  • Carnaval des Citrouilles (annual fall carnival)
  • Kermesse (annual spring carnival)
  • VIP Day
  • Rollerskating Night at Saints North
  • Potlucks and/or Lunchtime meals for Teachers and Staff
  • Bowling Afternoon at  SunRay Lanes

Communications Committee

If you feel communication between the school, PTO, and LNFI families is important, then this is the spot for you!  This committee is responsible for getting as much pertinent information as possible from the school and PTO out to the LNFI community.  This website you’re looking at…yup, that’s the Communications Committee!  Rounding up families for the PTO directory?  Yup, that’s us too!

We also perform duties such as:

  • Communicating with LNFI families via this website, Facebook, and email
  • Working with other PTO committees to get important information sent home
  • Developing other ways to communicate with parents

Fundraising Committee

This committee is a vital part of LNFI since the entire Intern Program and ALL the enrichment programs at the school are funded solely by the PTO.

This committee stands behind and assists with several of the social events the PTO hosts (fall and spring events) because those events also are the PTO’s larger fundraising events.  The committee also conducts a direct donation drive and a fun run during the year and is responsible for keeping the LNFI community “in the loop” as far as funds raised.

Intern Committee

One exciting and important highlight of attending LNFI is the Intern Program!  Our school hosts 6-10 native French-speaking interns each year.  Interns spend 4-5 months with two different families. There is plenty of behind-the-scenes tasks to be done to orchestrate their stays and work at LNFI!

This committee is responsible for:

  • Recruiting host families for the interns
  • Hosting intern/family social nights at the school
  • Working with visa organizations
  • working with the school to ensure interns have positive classroom learning and teaching experiences
  • Keeping families informed of intern events, recruiting info, etc.

If you’re interested in participating on a committee, please send an email to communications@lnfi-pto.org, leave a comment on the PTO’s Facebook page, or attend a PTO meeting. We can’t do all of the things that make LNFI a great place to educate our kids without more volunteers!

Volunteer Sign-Up

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Volunteers not only help support the school and students’ classroom experience, they help provide a sense of community.  There are numerous opportunities for volunteers at LNFI, including everything from behind the scenes work (copying flyers, hanging up posters, etc.) to classroom help and planning PTO events.  No amount of help is too small!

If you’re interested in volunteering, send an email communications@lnfi-pto.org or go to www.lnfi-pto.org/volunteer to see specific upcoming volunteer spots, including for Kermesse organizers, on SignUp.com, which the PTO uses to coordinate volunteers for larger events.  You can also stop in the school office and talk to Mme Blomgren or Mme Tellier or talk to a teacher about volunteer needs and connecting with the PTO.

Interested in helping on one of the PTO’s committees? Click here to read about them!