Bienvenue à Michou Tchoffo!

The PTO is happy to share that Michou Tchoffo has been elected to the role of Vice President during our November general meeting!! Please send warm welcome!! We look forward to serving the LNFI community together.

Please get to know Michou through her application as presented to the community earlier this month:

1.  Can you commit to meeting the 2 years term and expected workload required by this role? Yes

2. Why are you interested in running for this board position?
I’m interesting on this position because I want the best for LNFI. I’m a bond fide parent and have the right to serve on this board. More importantly, my background and experiences will add much value to this organization
3. Briefly summarize what professional, leadership, and/or volunteer experience uniquely qualifies you to serve on the board.
Here is a summary of my qualifications: -I am a teacher with proven success in classroom management and strategies. Prior to immigrating to the United States, I held many leadership, community and student-centered positions with international flair – I have volunteered in many capacities both in my religious community, district and the community in general – I have served on other boards before, and bring a lot of skills and strategies that will help to grow this school and bring it to the glory that it had enjoyed in the past -In a school with predominantly students of color, serving on this board with allow other voices to be heard too, in the spirit of equity. – Last but certainly not least, I am a parent which qualifies me to serve on this board.
4. Please describe how you would contribute to the diversity, equity, and inclusivity of the board. (Diversity can include race, ethnicity, language, socioeconomic status, identity, ability, and under-represented perspectives.)
As someone who is not only from a diverse community but also well trained and well versed in diversity, equity and ethnicity issues, I would contribute immensely to the organization’s growth and development in this area, especially in discussing issues that affect underrepresented perspectives .
5. In your opinion, what is the role of the PTO in LNFI and its community?
The PTO supports school programs, activities and families. Encourage parental participation at all levels, and support ALL students’ learning and achievement
6. What is your vision for LNFI’s future?
My vision is simple. A learning community where everyone feels valued, welcome and can perform at their highest potential.